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Redefine Aerospace

Red Arrow builds the perfect engine to enable a broad use of new aircraft. The upcoming drone revolution requires a new kind of drivetrain. Electric motors are cheap, but the current battery technology limits the range. To go over long distances, fuel engines are needed

Simplicity is king

Red Arrow builds a new type of jet engine

the Heron Fan

with a similar thermodynamic cycle as a turbofan, its unique layout makes it so special. The Heron Fan combines the core compressor, the turbine and the Fan into one single component

Our solution: Heron Fan

The unique layout make the jet engine much more simple and less complex. The three components are combined in one.

This enables our engine to be:

    • simpler and smaller
    • more cost efficient
    • lighter
    • more energy efficient

Our Vision

Red Arrow - short form of Redefining Aerospace - is our mission and vision. Throughout the history of aerospace, progress was only enabled by brave engineers who were willing to push the boundaries of what is possible. They enabled mankind to travel the world, reach the farthest points on earth in less than a day and even put a man on the moon. But we are driven by progress and liberty. Neither our imagination nor our will has limits. Everything seems to be always impossible, until someone does it. Technical progress requires a constant succession of revolution and evolution. A process, that must never end

The Benefits

Light weight

The reduced weight of the Heron Fan enables aircraft to transport more payload


Lower complexity means lower production and manufacturing costs


A component that does not exist cannot fail. Heron Fan offers a higher reliability and operational readiness

Fuel consumption

The high efficiency and light weight of the Heron Fan reduces the CO2 emissions and make aircraft fly further



Finn von Westerhagen

is a M.Sc. in aeronautical engineering and inventor of the Heron Fan. He is experienced in starting new businesses and has insights in many different industries, like aviation, automotive, plastics, medical and food. He is committed to create what synergizes technological and ecological progress


Mehmet Killi

is a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering with focus on product development, materials and production. He is fascinated for transportation technologies and experienced in aerospace, automotive industry and creating businesses. He loves aerospace and is willing to push it further


Christian Weisker

is a M.Sc. in business economy. He has 10+ years of experience in finance in many different industries like steel, manufacturing, medical and electronics. He is thrilled by the idea of creating his own, great company and set up a thriving business strategy

Feedback from Experts

“The uncomplex and ruggedised design of the Heron Fan will be in great demand in the commercial drone space as missions get longer and platforms bigger. Especially for the operation in rural and very remote locations, simplicity is king”
Kay Wackwitz
CEO & Founder of Drone Industry Insights
"The Heron Fan combines the simplicity of a turbojet with the efficiency of a turbofan. This is greatly demanded in the highly expanding drone market"
Bjorn Fehrm
Aeronautical and Economic Analyst

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